Occupy ICE protesters build their own “border wall” to stop police; totally oblivious to the hilarious irony

A group of lemming leftists is doing exactly what the television is telling them to do, as they’ve reportedly surrounded the Portland, Oregon, field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to angrily protest President Trump’s enforcement of federal immigration laws – hilariously erecting their own makeshift border wall in the process in an ironic attempt to prevent local police from removing them from land where they don’t belong.

Members of “Occupy ICE,” as they call themselves, have apparently been littering the lawn of the Portland ICE building ever since the mainstream media decided to fabricate the narrative that President Trump is cruelly “separating” illegal immigrant children from their illegal immigrant parents at the Mexican border for no other reason than simply to be a meanie.

In truth, what’s happening at the border with ICE and illegal immigrants is standard operating procedure, for the most part – just like it was under Barack Obama. But because the fake news brigade remained silent when 44 did it, Occupy ICE was nowhere to be found between the years of 2008 and 2016.

Only since Donald Trump was elected president have these cretins come out of the woodwork to boldly proclaim their ignorance in suggesting that Trump is the first to “rip families apart” at the border. And they’re doing so with the help of a protective wall – too stupid, apparently, to realize that they’ve inadvertently adopted a key plank of Trump’s platform that they claim to oppose.

“As Portland police prepared to evict the protesters on Wednesday morning, they hastily erected a wall of crates, tarps and furniture around their camp,” reported The Daily Caller.


It’s not about illegal immigration or border walls – liberals just hate Trump

The building of this wall by Occupy ICE came in response to reports that the City of Portland was planning to clear out the space. Independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted about how the anti-ICE/anti-borders camp was notified that it had 24 hours to leave, or else face forced removal.

“In response, the camp has walled themselves off completely,” tweeted Ngo. “They even have ‘wall guards’ keeping watch.”

Video footage of the Occupy ICE wall is available at Ngo’s Twitter page.

While the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution iterates the right of citizens to peacefully protest, the behavior of Occupy ICE far exceeds the bounds of legally protected free speech in this case. Erecting permanent or temporary structures on public property or in public rights of way is against the law, and Portland police have clearly indicated that they plan to deal with the situation – makeshift wall or otherwise.

Most of the Occupy ICE camp has already reportedly dispersed the area, with only a few hardliners remaining to man the wall and continue whining and screaming about how President Trump is a racist xenophobe who hates brown people and wants them all deported because he’s a Nazi.

The fact that none of these people made their voices heard when Obama did the exact same thing, however, just goes to show that none of this is about illegal immigration, brown people, ICE, deportations, children being separated from their parents, or any other specific policy issue. It’s all just about hating Trump and anything he says or does at any given time.

“It’s just the Hate of the Week Club and they wait around for left-wing media to deliver their talking points,” wrote one The Daily Caller commenter about the ridiculousness of the situation.

“These are obviously not deep thinkers,” commented another.

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